Succeed in 2019

We’ve compiled some pointers to prepare you to fulfill your career dreams in 2019! So, here they are…


Think Before you Post

In only a matter of a few clicks, a potential employer can easily reject your application, before even meeting you, simply based on your online presence. This includes your Facebook, Instagram. Twitter and any other social media platform that you may use.


Like to party? Keep that to yourself. Compromising photos of you doing so could keep you from being hired or even invited to be interviewed. Have a strong political stance? Voice your opinion in ways that don’t include social media. Foul-mouthed, culturally charged, or racial posts are also no-nos.


A recent CareerBuilder survey determined that an average of 70% of employers use social media and networking sites to research candidates before contacting them. An alarming 57% of employers found content on candidate’s profiles that caused them not to hire the candidate!


Basically, before applying to a job, scan all of your social media, networking and online presence profiles to be certain that are no posts that could keep you from getting the job.


Don’t Count Down the Minutes; Love Your Job!

Falling in love with your job is easier than it may seem and likely a key to your success both personally and professionally.


Remember that Instagram is a highlight reel. You’re starring blankly at a document that your boss needs updated and edited asap. You glance down and see your friend posted a beach scene from his trip to Hawaii. Save that for after work! Comparing your minute-to-minute situation to others will only delay your productivity and maybe even bring your mood down. Trust us, it can wait until after work.


Get to know people from different departments and what it is that they do within your company. Understanding what your company does whole-heartedly will make you feel more fulfilled and your work will certain relay that.


Chase Awesome

Avoid that one Debbie-Downer who always has something negative to say or complain about. Instead, set a tangible goal. This is something with a clear end result and date, making it an item you can strive and work toward. Bonus- you’ll feel super accomplished and have a great boost once you reach that goal!


A healthy dose of competition can change your mind-set for the better. Find an employee just outside of your reach-someone you can chase and potentially catch! Even if you don’t ‘beat’ them, you’ll most likely exceed past performances.


You’re Working Hard, but So Are They

As a job-seeker in 2019, your options may be greater than you imagine in your hunt for a career. Due to the lowest unemployment rate in 47 years, hiring managers may be doing the hard work by convincing you that their team is the one you want to work for.


Companies are working hard to build a strong employment brand to help them attract the best candidates and stand out from competitors. Company perks, vacation time, benefits, remote work, learning opportunities and more can greatly sway a candidates opinion.


Don’t Hesitate to Text

More and more employers are using text messaging to set up interviews, coordinate logistics, and ask basic screening questions. Not only does this expedite and streamline the process, this also allows you, as the job-seeker to realize that your resume hasn’t fallen into a black hole; you are a real candidate.


You and the employer are more likely to respond to a text message than an email. In addition, your response rate is much quicker, speeding up the entire process and keeping the pressure low. A lot of Gen Z and millennial applicants feel less awkward this way, too.