Client Company in Downtown San Diego

Staffing Specialist

Client Company in Sorrento Valley

“Thank you so much with following up and for ALL OF YOUR HELP with this project! It would not have been nearly as successful without your expertise and assistance!”


Client Company in Carlsbad


Client Company in Mission Valley

“You’re the first one I think of when a staff need comes up and that’s in spite of all those other agencies that barrage me with calls and e-mails ;)”

Office Manager

San Diego Insurance Agency

Director of Sales & Marketing

Client Company in Chula Vista

“I knew you’d find us exactly what I needed. You ALWAYS do and I have you to thank for helping me hand pick my awesome department as it is now. It’s taken a while to get here but I finally have a nice little balance with genuinely good folks who are qualified and don’t mind showing up every day.  You’re the best and if I haven’t told you in a while, THANKS!”

Office Manager

Client Company in La Jolla

"Yay, A-star is great at finding us good people!"

HR Director

Client Company in Carmel Mountain

“Your directness and honesty are always appreciated [Staffing Manager]. You have been consistent since we first connected …..consistent integrity”


Client Company in Encinitas

“I have to compliment you on your wonderful staff! I look forward to "typing with Melissa" after every show. She is terrific!”

Vice President

Client Company in Carlsbad

Your selection was great! Hard to believe my first interview produced such a strong candidate…. I very much appreciate your screening. You guys rock!



Ivory W.

New Hire Candidate

Brenna S.

New Hire / Client Company in Downtown San Diego

“I am over the moon! Thank you so much for this opportunity you helped create for me!!“

Esthela S.

New HIre / Client Company in Carlsbad

Kae H.

New Hire

"First day at work went simmingly. You girls have been just a blessing to me and I couldn't have asked for better people to have been put in my path!!!"

Helen M.

New Hire / Client Company in Downtown San Diego)

“I’m definitely excited. I appreciate all your help!”

Karen S.

New HIre / Client Company in El Cajon

“I quit my last job because I was miserable and I dreaded it every day. I couldn't even enjoy the weekend because I had this anxiety in the back of my head about Monday rolling around. Now I look forward to going to work!”

Chia M.

New HIre / Client Company in Mission Valley

“I truly appreciate and am thankful for you having enough insight and encouraging me to not settle for less than what I am capable of. It would have been ok, but I may have gotten bored. The match with [our client company] is something I would not have tried on my own, but is such a great fit. Thank you for believing in me and truly wanting to help people.“

Eunice H.

New Hire / Client Company in Kearny Mesa

“I have started a promising career thanks to A-Star Staffing at [our client company]. I am so grateful to the opportunity you have blessed me my family with. Now I am able to once again provide security to my kids. Thank you cannot express my gratitude.”

Eden O.

New Hire / Client Company in Sorrento Valley

“Thank you! You helped my husband land a great job 5 years ago. You helped me land this great job, I hope my brother-in-law will find his full time job as well through A-Star. Even if he doesn’t, A-Star is a great place to work. I thank you whole heartedly for all of the help you’ve provided my family over the years!”

Liliana M.

Contractor / Client Company in Bay Park

“Thank you for always making me like I was always part of your team and not a just a 2nd rate employee since I was just a temp. I will highly recommend you to my friends if they are ever in the position that I was in 2 years ago, a worker without a home.”

Jessica R.

New Hire / Client Company in El Cajon

“I am so thrilled to begin my official employment here! I don't think I'm exaggerating if I say I'm happier in this role than I've been in any of my past positions. I’ve never had a better experience with a temp agency.”

Brenda J.

New Hire / Client Company in Rancho Bernardo

“Thank you for everything you and all the others from A-Star have done for me. You’ve kept me working and in turn given me the opportunity to learn a skill that will benefit me for the rest of my career. I’m so very thankful for all of your support. I’m forever and ever appreciative.”

Sara K.

Contractor / Client Company in Mission Valley

“I want to thank you and your team as you have been by far the best and most professional staffing agency that I have worked with.”

Lori L.

Registered Applicant

“Thank you so much for your help on getting my job search started with your company. You immediately put me at ease and were so helpful.”

Dominique E.

New Hire / Client Company in Downtown San Diego

“Thank you so much for helping me find the right career that matches my personality. I hope you know how much of an amazing impact you have in helping people like myself find work. There is no words I can describe to how thankful I am of A-Star and how much I appreciate you all.”

Luke B.

New Hire / Client Company in Carlsbad

“Thank you all so much! A-Star has been great this year in helping me find work. Everyone on the team has been extremely professional and prompt with all correspondence. I will gladly send candidates to A-Star. ”

Eric T.

New Hire / Client Company in Mission Valley

“Thank you for everything! I appreciate the great work you and your staff did for me. This is a great job placement. You are all First class!”

Amy A.

New Hire / Client Company in La Jolla

“Today was my first official day at my new job. How many ways can I say thank you… I appreciate everything you have done and thank you again for listening and your support as I transitioned to this new career path.”

Dominique E.

New Hire / Client Company in Downtown San Diego

“Again I can't thank you enough for all you've done for me to get where I am today. Everything is going excellent at my new job. To this day I've been treated nothing short of amazing and I've recently moved up a position.”