True or Not? Common Misconceptions About Staffing Agencies

Whether you are a potential employee on your journey to find the right job or a company looking to fill open positions, there are many myths circling the job market that might hold you back from reaching out to a staffing agency. We are here to set the record straight and share the facts so you can determine if working with a staffing agency is the right fit!


Myths you have likely heard or are bound to encounter…




It costs money to utilize staffing agency services. – If a staffing agency is charging you to be a candidate, they’re likely a scam. Unfortunately these companies give a bad reputation to the reputable staffing services. A-Star, like many agencies, is 100% free to all job seekers and requires no payment, even after you have been placed in a position.


Similarly, it’s a myth that staffing agencies take a large portion of the salary for the position they are filling. While staffing agencies are compensated by a client once a position is filled, this does not affect what you would have been paid had you been hired directly by the client company.


Employment agencies don’t care about satisication or personal growth. – Although this may seem true for some agencies, that is not the case for all. Search for boutique staffing agencies that know the area and the industry you are interested in. At A-Star we like to consider ourselves as career builders, and enjoy keeping in touch along your professional journey.


Employment agencies don’t provide permanent positions. – While many of the jobs employment agencies offer may appear to be temporary, they are in fact usually temp-to-hire. This means if a job is well suited for your skill and you enjoy the work environment then you will most likely be offered full time employment. If you take a look at our job openings, a significant portion of our listings are intended to turn into permanent part-time or full-time employment.


It’s also important to note that almost all jobs, whether found through a staffing agency or not, have around a three month probationary period. This is the same concept with temp-to-hire, but the staffing agency takes on the risk of the job candidate not being a good fit. Another motivation factor for agencies to make sure they have found the PERFECT candidate for each position.


Staffing Agencies are only for entry level jobs. – This one couldn’t be more false! Staffing agencies find jobs for all levels, in nearly every industry. Check an agency’s open job listings and you’re sure to find a range of jobs from entry-level to managerial positions. Agencies are also very honest about what skills or training is needed to ensure that you’re properly prepared for the level of job you are applying for.


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Agencies don’t help with employees’ training – Staffing agencies only succeed when a client is happy with the candidates provided for the open position. Therefore, agencies take the time to work with potential candidates to ensure they’re ready for not only the job, but all aspects of the placement process. From finding certifications or skill building classes needed for a job, to reviewing applicants resumes, agencies take no shortcuts when it comes to coaching and turning a candidate into the ideal fit.


You can’t hire a quality employee through a staffing agency. – A large part of working for a staffing agency is taking the time to ensure that the final candidates provided to the client are a league above the regular job seeker; staffing agencies would not be in business if the candidates provided are exactly what the company could’ve found on their own. Agencies take the time to do in-depth screening, interviewing, skills testing and reference checking in order to vet the quality of talent they are supplying. A job candidate reflects directly back on the staffing agency, so only the best are sent!


Agencies only provide temps or “fill ins.” – Some clients think that a staffing agency provides the “fill in” worker while the company searches for the “real” substitute for a position or that an agency won’t provide the best candidate to ensure repeat business; this couldn’t be further from the truth! Staffing agencies aim to find a candidate that not only fits a client’s immediate need, but one that will be a great fit with the company in the long run. Seeing a client grow in a position/company is the ultimate feel-good moment for staffing agencies!


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