This or That: How to Find the Perfect Interview Outfit

You’ve done your research, submitted your resume and landed an interview! Half the work is already done. But now you need to make your best first impression; which at times is easier said than done.


Dressing for an interview can sometimes seem like a daunting task. What does everyone else at the company wear? What if I dress too fancy or too casual? Do I have to go shopping just for one interview?


While we can’t dress you ourselves, we’ll do our best to equip you with the knowledge on how to dress to impress and land your dream job! Getting dressed on a daily basis is hard enough, so finding an interview outfit can seem impossible. The easiest rule of thumb is to keep your look professional.



Going with a button-down shirt, simple blouse, knit sweater or a casual blazer ensures that your look is comfortable and conservative. For the most part, tucking an ironed long sleeve button-down shirt with a pair of dress pants is an easy go to that looks clean and professional. Try to stick to with neutral colors and simple patterns to keep the interviewer’s focus on what you’re saying, rather than what you’re wearing.


Pair any of the aforementioned top options with navy, black or khaki slacks or a professional skirt that goes at least to the knee. Again, neutral colors are best.


Adding other elements, like a tie or blazer, are generally optional in most environments. Feel free to gauge the job you are applying for to determine this; any executive position or anything in the financial field, often call for a dressier look. Once again, stick to simple patterns and solid colors for all pieces, even your tie.


Don’t forget that accessories or fragrance can also play a factor in how you’re perceived. A strong scent, overly flashy jewelry, vibrant ties etc. don’t belong in the workplace, meaning they definitely shouldn’t be a part of your interview outfit. Try and leave the chunky wallet, large handbag, headphones, or sunglasses in the car. Opt to keep accessories to a minimum. A sleek wrist watch and a neutral belt are always acceptable.


San Diego has a relaxed reputation; but just because we spend our time at the beach on weekends, doesn’t mean that attire should ever make it to an interview room. Sandals are a staple in most wardrobes, but interviews call for closed-toe, sensible shoes. Flats, loafers, low heels, dress shoes, oxfords or professional-looking boots are best.

Final Advice:

No matter what you decide to wear, remember to choose something that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Even the most polished outfit can backfire if you’re constantly fidgeting or adjusting your clothing. Dress your best to feel like your best!